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Meet Our Team

After serving as a City Attorney in Attleboro, MA, Judge Advocate General in the United States Air Force, and a Public Defender in Phoenix, Tom Murphy founded Murphy Law Firm, Inc. in 1992. Murphy Law Firm is a leading law firm in Arizona providing professional services in estate planning, probate law, elder law and tax law.

Additionally, Murphy Law Firm specializes in planning wills and trusts for the disabled and those with special needs.

About Our Team

Tom Murphy

Attorney & Founder

An attorney for 40 years, Tom has written nearly 100 articles about legal and tax matters published in many national and state professional journals. In addition to practicing law, Tom is currently writing two books. One concentrates on the legal and tax issues facing widowers, widows and their families. The second book focuses on the legal issues facing families dealing with dementia.

Michael Murphy


Michael has nearly a decade of experience working in the law field. He graduated from Arizona State University earning a Bachelor of Science in Political Science in 2015.